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TED (9)

Wonderful talk from Cybersecurity expert Keren Elazari. A Facebook page run by Mark Zuckerberg was hacked because the organization did not respond to a hacker showing a major bug that needed to be repaired.  

Hacking as a force for good. 

Ed Jong gave a great talk on parasites and their role in reproduction and the lives of animals and humans.  



TED (8)

John Maeda, how to say nothing in four minutes. He presented us with a litany of clichés.

Moshe Safdie, how to humanize the scale of buildings motivated him to build Habitat. About gardens and nature. Fifty years old but the idea never took off. Safdie talked about density and he decided to take another look at Habitat. Can we scale density to have the values of Habitat? He took Manhatten as a test case. Rethinking the public realm. How to bring air, promenades and parks into dense buildings?  

High Rise by Safdie

High Rise by Safdie

Sarah Kay: "writing poetry is like pooping, it has to come out."

 Pattie Maes MIT: sensors and smart objects, the advent of the internet of things, cars chatting with highways and roads, cities monitoring traffic, etc.. "What bothers me is that this smart world is largely fragmented. How can we make it more accessible to all?" Her approach is amazing. 

Innovation can come from the edges of a network. Juan Enriquez. Network work forces overwhelm corporations. 3D printing, equals decentralized manufacturing and design. Very fast build and redesign. Low costs manufacturing.  


TED (7)

Larry Page, CEO of Google spoke about the need for revolutionary change and the role and importance of progressive thinking for the future. Balloons in the air to generate internet access for remote areas. Autonomous cars. Search as an essential form of information gathering beyond just data and more attuned to need and personal insight. Page argued for the benefits of technology in the context of learning how to mange what you know in the context of what others know. A social space that opens invention to development and growth. 

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