False Creek

Notwithstanding the many challenges of designing urban environments, there is no doubt that False Creek is a magnificent achievement for the city of Vancouver. Walking along the water is an experience in itself. But what is truly amazing is how False Creek has become an area for the people. At first glance, this inland fjord seems to be surrounded by high rises and parks. Look a bit closer and you will see endless walking paths, many places in which to sit and most importantly, public art which scales the environment to the level needed to make it comfortable. Aside from the coffee houses and restaurants, there are also informal eating areas. 

If the 21st Century city is about the hustle and bustle of ideas, conversations and networks, about the integration of social networks into everyday life, then Vancouver's False Creek is about the physical manifestation of what social media offer through our computer screens. It further fudges the boundaries between online and offline life.

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