There is a detailed analysis of Snapchat in the New York Times today that deserves a read.

Snapchat brings the news and communication of images full circle. It is no longer necessary to just read or look at text or an image. Glance quickly at both, develop the skills necessary to understand quickly and then forget about it. Or, maybe not. Perhaps Snapchat is about the essence of the news today. The surface of events, the reality of scandals, the statements about personalities, the rumours, judgments, hysteria, lack of focus, absence of depth, these are all essential attributes of the short news cycle we are in. The question is where is the room for more? Or should we abandon the idea that there is a "more?" We now have to learn to skate at high speed. The surfaces are interrupted by cracks and fissures, but eventually we do reach a destination. The issue is, do we understand why and where and when we have arrived?