Aaron Swartz

Cory Doctorow has a wonderful series of articles on the death of the great internet pioneer Aaron Swartz. I have followed his career for ten years. Swartz was not only an extraordinary thinker, but an avid reader and his blog has numerous book recommendations which reveal the range and depth of his intellect. His belief in an open internet, one in which knowledge and information are freely available was guided by a deeper understanding and vision about networks and how they can be used for the common good. More than most, he understood that the circulation of information should never be constrained by narrow choices, policies or politics. He was an amazing man and will be missed. Click here for his analysis of Dark Knight. Here is his analysis of change both personal and through activist actions. Also, a wonderful tribute from Cyrus Farivar at the Ars Technica Blog and another from Tim Berners-Lee on the same site. Emily Bazelon at Slate has an excellent article as well. Another article from Verge can be found here.