Euston Manifesto


After years of accepting and even supporting an unclear and often unthoughtout ideology rooted in an old style and often reactionary worldview, a group of intellectuals went to work to try and rethink the direction, orientation and discourse of progressive politics. The Euston Manifesto is the product of this effort and although there are many elements of it that are controversial, for the most part, it tries to reinvigorate the humanist and liberal outlook on the world.

On June 9th, the Little Atoms website will host a discussion with the creators of the manifesto.

You can read the comments of Christopher Hitchens here and as acerbic as he has become, Hitchens is important because he is very worried about the direction of so-called modern day progressive politics.

More detail on how the manifesto came to be can be found on the New Statesman web site.

I will comment in greater detail on the manifesto during the coming week.