Television (The Unit)

Many of the new shows on television this season deal with terrorism, heroism and the hidden dangers of post 9/11 America and the effects of 9/11 on the world. None quite matches "The Unit" which uses all the elements of every spy show ever broadcast on primetime. These range from a secret unit that no one can know about to levels of heroism and competence that exceed the norm of any human being — a combination of Superman, James Bond and the apparent science and precision of CSI. Best of all, the army community in which the unit lives with their wives might as well be the set of "Desperate Housewives."

Does this add up? Yes, but only because David Mamet's scripts are so theatrical and characters talk to each other with a purity of expression that sometimes borders on the poetic. All of this is brought together by the main male character in The Unit played by Dennis Haysbert who played President David Palmer in "24".

If all of this seems like it is connecting, wait until I finish the map.

More soon..........