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Dangerous Ideas (2)


I liked your idea regarding the obliteration of
classrooms as we know them today - and this has been
an idea that has been bantered around for probably as
long as 'classrooms' have existed, but it seems that
regardless of different experiments and forms of
teaching/learning - open universities, internet
studies, and there are many new innovations that I
find amazing, the same classroom structure remains!
Only in the lowest grades do you now find a different
classroom set-up - why shouldn't it work for the
higher grades? Could the sheer number of students to
be taught be the reason? More and more people today,
and it's very popular here, are learning thru the
'open universities/high schools' and doing well - this
is a good sign of change. Also your idea of the
student input has become more popular - something that
didn't exist on such an advanced level in my day...