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This site began as one of the first academic sites in Canada when the World Wide Web was in its early phase of development. I have maintained it through many iterations since 1994.

Reflections on New Media (5)

VIDFEST opened today in Vancouver. Vidfest is the Vancouver International Digital Festival.

I am chairing a panel on interactivity.

Interactive Design - Reclaiming the Web for Personal Expression

Interactive design explores new forms of interactivity between audiences, users and creators. Products can range from video games to new media and from web design to sensors that transform the built environment into interactive spaces. This evolution, coupled with the increasing popularity of blogs, is changing our understanding of the Web and the ways in which we communicate. Learn from our panel how the web’s myriad forms of personal expression are important for interactive designers to understand and use for their own and their client’s projects.

Heather Armstrong, Blogger, (US)
Dr. Ron Burnett, President, Emily Carr Institute / Author, How Images Think (Can)
Marc Canter, CEO, Broadband Mechanics (US)
Rob McLaughlin, Executive Producer, CBC Radio 3 (Can)
Ross Phillips, Head of Interactive, SHOWstudio (UK)

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