Wikipedia and Art Schools

Ian responds to Mary

Hi Mary. If WalMart were like Wikipedia, anyone could walk into the store, move around products on the shelves, add their own, and the cashiers would let others buy these new products and send you your earnings at the end of the month.

I took a deeper look at the rules that govern Wikipedia, like you suggested, and couldn't find anything about "no controversy", but rather found that controversy and conflict is built into Wikipedia as an expected part of the process in evolving its knowledge.

As for "no original knowledge" and an "absolutely implausible limit condition", I couldn't find any references to these ideas. What are you talking about?

If the Rosa Parks entry was a part of ECI, which room would it be in? Would it be a course or a workshop? What would it be called and how would it work?

Can you explain how you see Wikipedia as a modernist project? I don't understand the connection. Finally, can you explain your mobius strip analogy? I don't see Wikipedia as something that loops back on itself, or as a structure that has only one surface.

Here's are some interesting visualizations of wikipedia articles: